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Our Business

Our business is PROPERTY MANAGEMENT only! We concentrate 100% of our efforts into managing your property and are not distracted by any other elements. Additionally, our business being family owned, is importantly not part of, answerable to, or restricted by a large corporation or franchise group. We set our own proven policies, code of conduct and values under which we operate.

We Take Better Care

The presentation and standard of your property is a direct reflection of our business, not only to you, the owner, but to our guests.

To ensure your property is always presented well and in the best condition it can possibly be our experienced, fastidious and dedicated property inspector carries out thorough inspections and submits to you comprehensive reports.

Our Costs

We stand by our claim that our fees are the most reasonable and competitive available in Noosa. As part of this promise, if you are formally quoted, by another licenced agent, any overall fee structure more reasonable than ours, then we will undertake to match that overall fee structure immediately. Furthermore, we do not accept wholesale level commissions which can erode your net return by up to 25 – 30%.


We firmly believe that good communication is the key to any successful relationship. In line with this we ensure our communication, in the form of newsletters and reports, with you is frequent, reliable and informative.

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