Discover the Noosa North Shore

If you don’t like crowded beaches, put your car on the ferry and head across the river to the Noosa North Shore. This pristine wilderness area extends from the Noosa River mouth for 80 kms to the lighthouse at Double Island Point. There are many activities on offer  book a trail ride at the world class Equestrian Centre and explore the bush and beach on horseback, or try a camel trek for a more unique experience. Take your beach rod great fun and good catches when the Taylor are running.

The Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding Club use a cliff platform half way up the beach to launch their flights always a thrill to watch. Surf to your hearts content without anyone dropping in on you, just pick a spot. Watch the migrating whales leap and spout just 100 meters from the sand, dolphins and turtles pass by and try to catch a glimpse of the elusive black dingo.

If you intend staying for a few days, there are several accommodation choices.  If you do not have a four wheel drive, stay at the Noosa North Shore Resort or one of two caravan/camping grounds serviced by sealed roads with all amenities and easy beach access. If you have a four wheel drive, you can rent a great beach house in Teewah, drive up the sandy highway to the Freshwater camp ground offering facilities such as toilets, showers and fresh water but for the best experience, take a tent and set up in the sand dunes, light a camp fire and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

A visit to Double Island Point and a walk to the lighthouse is a must. The headland has a good right hand break popular with surfers and lots of rocks on the waterline, ideal for spear fishing or snorkeling. As you climb the hill toward the lighthouse, you can see for miles down the beach and lots of sea life in the crystal clear water.

sample3A four wheel drive access road, the Leisha track, cuts through rainforest sections across the range just before Double Island Point and brings you to the southern end of Rainbow Beach. The difference from one side of the point to the other is astounding. You will encounter a quiet bay full of sailing craft and fisherman as opposed to the rolling surf on the other side. Driving north, you will pass the Murrawar Lookout with spectacular views and the Carlow Sandblow, a moonscape sand mass overlooking the beautiful coloured sands.

The little coastal township of Rainbow Beach is a great place for lunch and services the popular family camping spot, Inskip Point. The Ferry to Fraser Island leaves from the beach here daily.