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Surfing in Noosa

Welcome to Surfing paradise! As you enter the Sunshine Coast, you start to notice surfboards in all shapes and sizes…  and that’s probably the best way to describe those that ride them too!

Noosa has been recognised as the 10th World Surfing Reserve in 2017, an accolade not possible without the generations of Noosa locals preserving and protecting our beautiful surf bays that line Noosa’s coastal line!

At any hour of the day you will see the big Mals sliding across the swell at the points in Laguna Bay the more experienced Hanging 10 and beginners just hanging on!

Surfboard Hire

No board? No problems! Noosa Surf Turkeys offer a large variety of quality surfboards, delivered to your door! Hire your board here.


Noosa Festival of Surfing

Join us for The Noosa Festival of Surfing in March each year, a competition celebrating the sustainability and joy of surfing in our town of Noosa! With a week of all things Surfing, including the iconic Dog Surfing competition. Join the thousands that line our shore to admire the pure stoke and talent of surfers from around the world!


Local Surf Tips:

If you are jumping on a board for the first time, test out your skills with small, calm waves at Noosa Main Beach or Little Cove.  Learn the basics from a local Noosa surf legend with lessons available through Noosa Surf Turkeys here!

For the more experienced, adventure to Sunshine and Sunrise Beaches for kilometres of pumping surf all to yourself!

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